Daymak Eagle 72V E-Bike


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The workhorse of Daymak bikes, the Daymak Eagle has been a sure fire hit for years. Rugged and hearty, the Eagle can ride right through the winter and you’ll have fun doing it. The Eagle has a bare bones aesthetic feel using the iron frame as its key point to its style. With its 130/90 – 10, stay stable and handle bumps and pot holes with little to no resistance. With its Bluetooth controller configure torque, range and more. The Eagle has been tried and true for many years and offers the same reliability with more features, the Eagle is a must have.


130/90 – 10 Tires
The Eagle features 130/90 – 10 tires that are great for riding on road in rough terrain. Whether there is a lot of pot holes or some snow on the ground, these tires will give you the stability to ensure you ride straight and safe.


Hydraulic Disc Brakes
The Daymak Eagle comes with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes for the highest performance in stopping power. Make sure that you come to a stop in time with these brakes to ensure safe and smart riding.


Bluetooth Controller
The Daymak drive Bluetooth controller allows you to configure how your bike accelerates, the maximum distance, cruise control features and more. The Daymak Drive controller works with both Android and iOS and is free to download.


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