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The New 2018 Ebike Line Up!

10:56 01 May in New Arrivals, Product Spotlight
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Our new line up of E-bikes is starting to arrive! We have four great models to select from this year including:


If you need a little help getting around faster, the Rickshaw is perfect. This mobility scooter is built for the long haul and will keep you comfortable while you ride.

The Tokyo is perfect for running errands and feeling free! Slim, and easy to handle.

Vienna 72v
When you want to get around, and take things with you, this is the bike for you.

EM1 72V
The bad boy has all the sportiness of a motorbike, and all of the convenience of an ebike!

2018 Ebikes

Ebikes are a great alternative to cars for getting around town. They are affordable transportation that only cost pennies a day to recharge. They have no emissions and create no pollution. No insurance. No license. Make Transportation Affordable!

Call your local store now to get started!


Colours and availability vary by store. Models may have slight aesthetic variations and not appear exactly as shown. 

  • rich Fleming 1:02 pm, April 18, 2020 Reply

    I live in sutton west ont can I get a ebike through you

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